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extended family.

We provide peace of mind by delivering trustworthy, accountable, transparent and convenient services, that are personalized to fit your needs. Whether you have family and friends close by, or you feel alone; we all need someone to call when we need a little extra help. 


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Meet Denise

Denise, Owner and Founder
founder of Denise's Helping Hands, LLC

From a young age, my natural desire to help others and care for animals has been a guiding force in my life. Growing up surrounded by a variety of pets—cats, hamsters, fish, birds, and a faithful dog—instilled in me a deep sense of responsibility and joy in their care. As a compassionate neighbor, I happily assisted with yard work, grocery shopping, and dog walks, fostering connections within my community.


As I matured, my love for animals expanded to include caring for neighborhood horses and mucking stalls at the local track, further fueling my passion for service. Later on, I continued helping others by cleaning houses and taking care of children.


After years spent in various customer service positions and corporate administration, I sought a path aligned with my true calling—one that would bring genuine happiness and fulfillment. In 2019, with unwavering support from my husband, I embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship, founding Denise's Helping Hands, where I continue to find fulfillment in supporting others.


This venture has granted me the opportunity to merge my dedication to helping others with my devotion to animals. Every day, I am humbled by the privilege of serving both pet owners and individuals seeking assistance, catering to their unique needs and preferences. With each interaction, I strive to make a positive impact and bring joy and comfort to those I have the honor of assisting.

Female Dog Walker

A company built on integrity.

"Integrity in the workplace comes in many forms, but above all refers to having upstanding character traits and work ethics including sound judgement, honesty, dependability, and loyalty. A well-known definition is: Integrity is doing the right thing (through your words, actions and beliefs) when noone is watching... Ultimately, integrity is based on values rather than personal gain." ~ the Michael Page team. This is the core of Denise's Helping Hands.

Reliable Pet Sitter Huntington WV
Integrity Trust Reliability
Denise with a dog dog walker pet sitter Huntington WV

My greatest source of pride and accomplishments stem from my roles as a wife, mother of six successful adults, and grandmother to 14 amazing blessings. When I'm not fulfilling responsibilities for my clients or taking care of my home and family, I enjoy going for motorcycle rides with my husband. As a new resident of Huntington, WV, I adore traveling around the stunning tri-state area. Some of my most cherished vacations have been spent exploring the country's beauty on the back of a motorcycle.

Denise J.

Founder of Denise's Helping Hands

Nicole, Office and Social Media Assistant

Nicole, our dedicated team member, is eagerly awaiting our establishment in Huntington, WV, to resume her remote duties. She excels in creating engaging content for Facebook and Instagram, managing bookkeeping tasks, and promptly addressing client inquiries.
"I joined Denise’s Helping Hands in September 2021. Prior to that I worked as a dental assistant/ front office for ten years.
In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my husband, daughters and dogs. Hiking, working out and reading are some of my favorite hobbies." 

Nicole C.

Office and Social Media Assistant 

Pet Sitter Dog Walker Pet Care
Future E.

Pet Sitter, Dog Walker, Errand Helper

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find the quality, dependable care you've been looking for

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Certifications & Memberships

Professional United Pet Sitters Association Member
Insured by Pet Sitters Associates
Administered by: RPS Eau Claire and Underwritten by: Evanston Ins Co.
insured by Pet Sitter Associates
insured by Pet Sitter Associates
International Association of Professional Errand Assistants Member
Errand Assistant Certificate Program
IAPO_Errand Assistants
IAP Career College

Service Area

We serve the following Huntington neighborhoods:

Spring Valley

Whitaker Terrace




West Huntington

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